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Renewable Energy

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Ak Plumber Provide the solution of  Solar panels use the sun as a source of energy. This energy can only be transformed to power and electricity through a solar system that is made up of different essentials that work together to produce electrical energy. These essentials include a solar panel,inverter, charge controller, and battery.

Solar Services|Products

AK Plumbers provide the best solution of renewable energy for domestic,agriculture,commercial,industrial,gas station base solar solution …Including the solar panel kits and product solution .

  • Solar Panel –Polycrystalline,Mono crystalline,Thin Film
  • Solar Inverter –Off Grid,On Grid ,Hybrid
  • Wind turbine
  • Power Tools 
  • Solar Dry Batteries 
  • Solar Charge Control –MPPT,PWM
  • LEDs Light for Street 
  • Solar Hot Water System
  • Solar Water Pump